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Voluminous Lips

Luscious, voluminous lips have been trending for the last several decades. From Hollywood stars to influencers all around the world, luxurious lips have become the ‘it-look’ in the beauty industry. So, let’s break down the four easy steps you can take to make your lips appear fuller and more sultry with a little help form makeup.

Step 1. Lip Liner

One of the most important steps in your daily lip makeup is incorporating lip liners into your routine. Even though some may think the age of lipliners is long gone, this notion and statement couldn't be further from the truth. Lip liners are a great way to accentuate our natural lip edges and even add to the volume of the lips. And here’s how you can do that:

  • When choosing the lip color for the day, make sure you pick a lip liner of a similar shade to your natural lip color

  • Begin by slightly going outside your natural lip lines. This way, you’ll create an illusion of fuller lips

  • Color in your entire lip with the lip liner to create a base matte finish

Step 2: Setting Powder

Luxurious lips are all about the volume and the color. So, one easy way we can create the perfect lip is by applying small amounts of setting powder for longer results:

  • Take a small eyeshadow brush and dip it into your setting powder

  • Place it all over the lips, until the powder naturally disappears

  • Wipe off the excess

Step 3: Lipstick

Now, it’s time to choose the lipstick you’d like to wear. From vibrant reds to muted berry tones, lipsticks come in all shades and hues. Picking a lipstick color can be one of the most exciting parts of the makeup routine!

  • Choose your favorite lipstick and start applying it to the lips

  • Make sure you also cover the new edges you’ve created with the lip liner

Step 4: Lip Gloss

And the last step to having mesmerizing, luscious lips is completing the look with a bit of lip gloss. Whether it’s clear gloss or light-toned pigments, adding a new layer of shine and gloss can create a smooth and silky finish:

  • Take your lip gloss and begin applying the product to the middle of the bottom lip

  • By using your finger, or a lip brush, slightly drag the gloss across the bottom lip. The main focus should be on the center of the lips​ ​

And there we have it! Quick, easy and helpful ways you can create gorgeous and luxurious lips that will instantly draw attention to them everywhere you go!

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