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How To Do An Easy Romantic Date Night Makeup Look!

This Valentines day are you getting ready to go on an incredibly romantic date with your significant other? I can inagine you can’t wait to get all dressed up and glammed up. But you may be unsure of what kind of makeup will be appropriate for the date. In today’s blog post, I will take you through how to create the perfect romantic date night makeup look, with simple and easy steps! So, grab your brushes and your makeup products, and follow along!

Step 1: Brows

It’s no secret that we all know the importance of a good brow shape. So, it’s only natural that the first step into creating a stunning romantic date night makeup look is all about the brows:

  • For step 1, all you’ll need is a brow pencil, a brow brush and maybe possibly some eyeshadow.

  • Begin by shaping the borders and the edges of the brows using your brow pencil. Make sure that the lines correspond to your natural brow shape, we don’t want to create a dramatic look, after all.

  • Next, go ahead and fill in the brows. For this simple step, you can use a brow pencil, or some brown or black eyeshadow.

  • Lastly, clean up the brows with a foundation or concealer and blend.

Step 2: The Eyes​ Once the eyebrows are done, we can move on to the eyes. There’s no denying that eye contact is one of the most sensual forms of nonverbal communication. With that being said, let’s enhance those beautiful eyes, so they can truly shine and glow during your dinner date:

  • Take 3 eyeshadow shades: a light cream, a peachy-pink and a darker purple or mauve

  • First, apply the light cream shade all over the lid. Then, blend out the cream with the peachy-pink as you palace it on the outer corner.

  • For that glamor effect, apply small amounts of purple or mauve on the lower lash line and outer eye corner, (blend for a smokey effect). This is a trick that will draw the attention to the eyes. With this stunning makeup look, it will be hard not to maintain an eye contact with you!

  • Don't forget to add eyeliner, mascara, and lashes if desired!

Step 3: The Lips​ Along with the eyes, we can’t forget about the lips! Luscious lips are an important part of what will make any dinner date extra romantic! So, take your favorite lipstick and lipliner, and let’s get to creating jaw-dropping lips:

  • First things first, we must accentuate and enhance the natural lip borders. For this, using a lip liner will work like magic. Take a light pink, mauve or a red lipliner, and go over your lip edges

  • Next, let’s fill in the lips with lipstick either from the tube or using a lip brush. Make sure to cover all of the edges

  • Finally, in addition to the lipliner and lipstick, you can complete the makeup look with a bit of lipgloss for extra shine and sparkle!

And of course, you will want to do your foundation and add a bit of blush to fully complete this easy romantic look.

And there you have it! A simple and elegant date night makeup look that’s fun to create whenever you need it!

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