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Updated: Feb 12


Does your flawless concealer cake after a few hours? Can you see lines under your eyes in your selfies? I’ve been there too! Applying concealer is just one part of covering under eye circles. Using clever makeup tips is the rest of the secret! If you want to cover your dark circles and keep your under-eye area smooth and seamless, then join me as I break down the secrets to using concealer!


Let’s start by hydrating your under eyes!

  • Before jumping to concealer, it’s important to moisturize the under-eye area.

  • Take your eye cream or nourishing moisturizer and apply the product under the eyes.

  • Blend with your fingertips and wait until the product has fully dried.


Next, let’s apply a color corrector.

  • Color correctors can help hide dark circles by neutralizing the purple hues.

  • For covering dark circles, use a peach or orange-based color corrector.

  • Apply the pigment under the eyes and blend with a concealer brush.


It’s time for our concealer!

  • Once the color corrector has counteracted the purple, start applying your concealer.

  • Place the product under the eyes, on the outer eye corners and under the brow bone.

  • Blend with a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingers.


And lastly, let’s add powder for a seamless finish and blurring effect.

  • With a fluffy blush brush, apply the loose powder directly where you put the concealer.

  • Set the concealer by dabbing on the powder.

  • Dust excess product for all day wear and long-lasting concealer results!

Try my 4-step concealer guide to never experience under eye creasing again! For more professional makeup tutorials and helpful tips, make sure you join my online makeup classes. Expand your makeup knowledge and your application skills by reading The Beauty BluPrint: An Unlimite Guide to Mastering Your Own Makeup! or join my online classes!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more tips and tricks! :) @makeupbyyvetteee_

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