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Have you ever been super excited to rock a makeup look, only to find your makeup fading or smearing in just a few hours? Yes, I’ve been there too! Luckily enough, we don’t have to see our gorgeous makeup looks streak, smudge or dissipate by the end of the day. Follow along with my guide to find the 3 easy secrets to avoiding makeup smudging and fading!


Let’s begin with the main step!

  • Always apply primer before laying down your makeup base.

  • Primers help smooth the skin and create an even texture.

  • Primers also grab onto makeup for hours on end!

  • Apply a face primer and let the product fully dry before moving on to the foundation.


Speaking of foundation, here is why we need to pick the correct base.

  • Choose foundation and concealer shades that best match your skin tone.

  • Mismatched base colors can be noticeable on the face.

  • Place a small dot of foundation on your wrist and see if the color disappears on the skin. If it does that's your perfect match! If not keep searching for the correct foundation match.

  • Pro tip: remember to blend your base down to your neck for a cohesive finish!

LOOSE OR PRESSED POWDER​ And lastly, always set your makeup with a loose or pressed powder.

  • Setting powder is the key to long-lasting makeup.

  • Set the face with a fluffy brush and powder for a matte effect.

  • Touch up your makeup base with a kabuki brush every few hours to avoid any streaking or creasing!

And with these 3 steps, I share the ultimate secret to picture-perfect makeup! For more helpful makeup tips that will instantly elevate your application skills. Join an online class or check out The Beauty Bluprint: An Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Own Makeup!

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