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7 Time Management Tips

1. Make a list of what needs to be done Start with the brainstorming and write down all your tasks for a week ahead. 2. Prioritize your tasks A long list that you have created earlier is hard to navigate and manage. You need to prioritize your tasks. Mark your tasks of importance. Tasks that must be done get the highest priority. If you must choose what to do first, try pairwise prioritization. Ask yourself, “If I can do only one of these two, which one will I choose and why?”. Put tasks that might not fill in your week schedule to a “parking lot” - a separate list. 3. Create a schedule When you are done with prioritization, it’s time to create your schedule. The details of your schedule can vary from a to-do list with a few deadlines (like meetings) to a calendar which maps out your day hour by hour. It all depends on your personal preferences and habits. 4. Choose a place to keep your tasks Keep it all in one place! Should it be a paper calendar, or an app? Keep all your tasks, plans and notes in one place. 5. Be realistic Know your limits. Plan not only your tasks, but your breaks and time slots when you will recharge your batteries and relax. 6. Stick to your plans Following your schedule will give a lot of useful information about yourself. You might over, or underestimate the complexity of a certain task, or that it’s better to do some tasks in the morning. Creating a schedule that will be perfect for you is not an easy thing to do. Sticking to your plans helps you create better schedules in the future! 8. Don’t forget to take advantage of a moment Don’t forget to appreciate the moments, don’t be so devoted to your schedule, you miss out on life - use these tips to help simplify your life and stop and smell the roses!

What is your favorite time management tip? How do you stay motivated and on schedule? Share with me! IG: @makeupbyyvetteee_

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