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7 Morning Rituals To Get The Most Of The Day

1. Start with your alarm We often neglect this, but the right tone can set your entire day. Replace traditional grating beeps with a song that fits the mood you want to wake up in. Are you having a big day today? Go for Queen’s “We Will Rock You” to empower yourself. Need more energy? “Feel-good” songs are a great way to start the day. 2. Ask yourself “Why” When you wake up in the morning, spend a few moments thinking of your future day. What usually comes to your mind? To-do lists, right? Endless to-do lists can ruin your motivation. what helps keep it up is a constant reminder of why you are having these to-do lists. You are going to start a new course. Why? Because it will help you grow professionally. Attach your goals and dreams with your daily tasks to boost your motivation and make the most of your day. 3. Do something you enjoy Find a timeslot in your morning routine to do something you like. 4. Write “morning papers” Start your day with describing or drawing your future day. Write down a few words or sentences describing what this day is going to be like. Think about your plans and what your expectations are or what you like about your activities. 5. Diversify your breakfast Make your breakfasts diverse. Lookup for some simple breakfast recipes and start a new day with a different breakfast. 6. Check your email Not your working email. Your personal email where you receive letters for things that make you happy. 7. Do something around the house Something simple like watering plants or making your bed. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment and makes it easier to tackle all other tasks on your to-do list.

Do not adopt someone’s morning routine, create one that works for you! I hope you can gain some ideas from this list. Share with me your favorite morning motivation tips!

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