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6 Digital Detox Directives for Better Life and Work

Remember, even doing one thing on this list makes your life more wholesome.

1. No Blue Light in Your Bedroom. The wavelengths of blue light that screens emit impact our ability to create melatonin, which affects our sleep even if we are exposed to it for just a few seconds (hello notifications!). To be able to sleep well and deeply you should ideally power down all devices 2 hours before bed. TIP: If you absolutely must check your Instagram or favorite show before going to bed, buy some $10 orange glasses that block blue light on Amazon. Also check if your device has Night Shift Mode available and start using it. 2. Make it a rule to have dinner without your devices. No TV too! If you’re having dinner with your family, talk to each other. If you’re on a date, no devices on the table creates additional intimacy. If it’s just you, try to enjoy your food and concentrate on what you eat. An additional perk is that when you are not distracted by your devices you are less likely to overeat. TIP: Make it fun - the person who touches their device first has to do the dishes or pay the dinner bill! 3. Use pen and paper to make notes. Whether you are in a classroom, at a meeting, or making a shopping list, take notes on paper. You remember things better when you write, your fine motor skill (or dexterity) gets improved, and it just feels good. 4. Use apps to help you beat your habit It might sound counterproductive, but if you’re already on your phone, at least use it right. There are so many apps that can keep you accountable. My favorite free ones are health trackers and the inbuilt phone feature “do not disturb”. TIP: With your phone, run a report of how much time you spend on your phone every day - first you will be shocked, but then hopefully inspired to change it! 5. Kick one habit at a time. Don’t set unrealistic goals, like only using your smartphone for calls and checking weather from now on - chances are you won’t even last a day. Instead, commit to one technology habit for at least a week before introducing another. TIP: Here are suggested one-week habits to consider: ban all devices from the dining table; ban all blue light from the bedroom; only check Facebook / Twitter / Instagram once a day. 6. Find a detox buddy to keep each other accountable. It is always easier to do hard things with a friend who can support you and keep you motivated. If you’re especially tempted to break all agreements with yourself. TIP: Tell everyone what you’re doing - the more people know, the more responsible you feel and the less you want to fail.

Don’t feel discouraged if you fail once; the important thing is to keep trying. Good luck and have fun!

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