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12 Self Care Tips To Follow For 2023

#1: Review Your Goals and Intentions Being too hard on yourself is not a good outlook to have. Setting too many goals can undermine your self-confidence and lead to burnout. I am not saying you shouldn’t set ambitious goals; what I mean is that you should be aware of the resources these goals require. Question your goals.

Ask yourself if they are in line with your values. Make sure they are your goals - and not just something you are trying to achieve to please someone else. Set SMART goals. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound = SMART. Follow this philosophy always! #2: Set Honest Expectations for Yourself Setting high expectations is a direct road to disappointments. Learning how to manage your expectations is a vital skill for everyone. You cannot control everything, and you cannot always be right. Unhappy events will appear, negative things may be said about you, and mistakes will be made. What you need to learn is how to deal with them in a constructive way, how to learn from your mistakes and how to improve. Perfect people do not exist. Everyone is unique, do not compare yourself to others. Challenge your inner critic. Success is not about approval from others, it is about acceptance of yourself and working towards your personal goals. #3: Learn to Say No If you feel uncomfortable about anything - say no. Know your limits and say no to jobs or projects that will result in your lacking work-life balance. Your time is an extremely valuable resource. Learn how to say no to suggestions that either do not align to your goals, or do not fit your schedule.

#4: Celebrate Your Achievements You deserve it! Always celebrate your wins along the way. #5: Garden Gardening is a great activity to relax and get rid of stress. Whether you are taking care of your succulents or growing from seed, gardening is a way to spend some time on your own and re-tune your focus. #6: Turn Late Nights Out Into Brunches Late activities keep you from getting enough sleep which can result in exhaustion. When we sleep, our brain works hard: it builds new connections between ideas and problems we experienced the day before. “Let’s have brunch together” is probably the healthiest solution to late evening get-togethers. #7: Go for a Walk After Lunch A 15-minute walk after you’ve eaten your lunch will boost your concentration and energy level. This exercise regulates the blood flow and improves your memory, cognition, and language/speech processing. #8: Protect Your Eye Health Screens play a huge part of our everyday life. Every 20 minutes take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away. A timer on your phone can help you build the habit. #9: Buy Flowers Don’t wait for a special occasion! #10: Celebrate Silence We live in the world full of sounds and noises. Meditation and silence is infinitely restorative. #11: Keep A Wellness Log Set aside some time for wellness-related goals, varying from new workout routines to sleeping habits, and then keep track of your achievements in an organizer or a notebook. #12: Self-Care Sticker Book Motivational stickers can be used on your notebook, laptop, whiteboard, or a mirror. Surround yourself with great vibes.

What is your most important self-care rule? Share with me! IG: @makeupbyvetteee_

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