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Hello Beauties!

To all who are inquiring about Makeup Services; I am currently only available Saturdays-Sundays 9am-8pm. 
However, you can contact me Monday-Sunday 9am-8pm for bookings, questions and all other information. I look forward to enhancing your beauty soon!


Why Getting Your Makeup Professionally Done is Always Better

Makeup can be very complex for most people. With all of the different ranges of colors, powders, liquids and brush sizes things can get confusing. Who wants to be confused when their trying to get glammed up for their special day? No one that's who. It is important to hire a professional, like myself, that way the Makeup artist can do all the glamming, mixing and color matching for you. The primary goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty; by brining out the most attractive features of the face while minimizing those that are less attractive. My work compliments each individuals skin tone and facial structure while accentuating and enhancing their most beautiful features. My number one goal is to always make sure you look and feel your best. When you look beautiful you feel beautiful. Get your makeup done by a professional today!


Why Waxing Is Always Better


Waxing is an exfoliation method that removes dead skin cells and makes skin noticeably smoother and softer. Waxing keeps the skin hair free longer because it pulls the hair from the follicle. It allows hair to grow back finer, smoother, and sparser.
  Unlike shaving. Razors cut the hair from the surface of the skin. This causes the hair to grow back itchy, faster and thicker. Shaving also cuts and bruises the skin causing scarring. Waxing may temporarily stress your skin, but it does not cause cuts, nicks, scarring or discoloration and is safe for all skin types. 
So, Kiss cuts, nicks and razor burn goodbye! Stop shaving and start waxing today!

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Client Testimonials


I cant say enough how pleased I was with the job that Yvette did on my pre-bridal make up run. She is so amazing I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their make up done to go to her. I cant wait for the big day.


"I believe that when you look beautiful; you feel beautiful"


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